Aventouras and Evergreen Education

Come see some of the new businesses that have been started and recently moved to Durango and La Plata County!

Aventouras and Evergreen Education

Making Connections for Students and Travelers the World Over

John Watson is the owner of Aventouras and Evergreen Education Group, and relocated his businesses to Durango from the Front Range in June of 2011.  Aventouras is an adventure touring agency that organizes hiking, rafting, and cultural expeditions throughout Central and South America.  Evergreen Education Group develops online education for schools, school districts, agencies, and private educational companies to help promote and transform K-12 education throughout the United States.  They also do policy research to help promote online learning through legislation and identify best practices in their industry.

Although these may seem like very distinct businesses, John finds a common thread between them.  “Each business is about making connections.  For Evergreen, that means providing students with educational opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, and for Aventouras it means connecting travelers to local guides and landscapes they would miss in a gated resort.”  

Recalling his move here, John says “when we told a friend (who lives in North Carolina) that we were moving to Durango, she said ‘Everyone I know wants to live in Colorado, and everyone who's already in Colorado wants to live in Durango!’"

John credits Durango with having strong business resources for a small city.  “There are enough work amenities you can’t find in a smaller town- videoconferencing at Fort Lewis College, business services, and a good airport.”

The two companies have six full time employees, four of whom moved with the companies and two of whom work remotely.  John is happy to report that business is booming.  “Our current challenge is managing our past growth, but we also have demand we can’t fill right now which means that more growth is coming soon!”

For more information on these Aventouras or Evergreen, please visit aventouras.wordpress.com/ and http://evergreenedgroup.com .